And the TP Controversy Lives On

What a surprise for me to find that some were offended by my letter to the Arkansas Democrat Gazette.

I was trying to be funny.

Okay. One of the first things writers learn is that humor is subjective. What amuses one, goes over their neighbor’s head. What makes one laugh, might anger another. Someone takes your hyperbole literally. Perhaps I should have put quote marks around “wrong.”

What I had hoped to convey (in a humorous way) is how we pass over the important issues and let the trivial raise our hackles. It was (supposed to be) a hint that maybe we all should lighten up a bit. Another thing writers hear is: don’t try to explain your humor. So I’m done with that.

However, I was NOT criticizing the artist. If I knew his/her name I would give credit. I would never be critical of anyone who can draw a picture in which the object is recognizable.

While I may be stupid, as one insinuated, that is a matter of opinion. I am not ignorant (there’s a difference) to the original instructions for hanging toilet paper. I knew the U.S. Patent office cleared that up years ago.

I just find it ludicrous that anyone who doesn’t live in my house should care so deeply about how I install the TP roll. Again, an attempt at humor.

So, consider me properly chastised. Now we can get back to the important issues.

Is it INvelope or AHNvelope?

The uncredited drawing appeared in the Arkansas Democrat Gazette on February 17 and again on February 18, 2017. The letter to the editor appeared February 22. This post is not intended to speak in any way to the issue the Op-ed and Editorial addressed.

4 thoughts on “And the TP Controversy Lives On

  1. How very strange someone would contact you, mail to your home, a critique of your poking fun at the editorial cartoon!! Don’t worry about it! You make most people laugh. (And the t p in the cartoon was rolling the right way!)

  2. I couldn’t stop laughing at this blog (see? I get your humor)! First off, I actually know someone who, if at someone else’s home, sees the toilet paper hanging under, will change it to over! Ridiculous!!
    And the INvelope or AHNvelope?? Depends on if you want to sound “uppity.”
    Oh my goodness! What a good laugh for a Monday morning!!!

  3. I got it immediately and laughed out loud. Some people need to get a life and a sense of humor. And I don ‘t mean you.

  4. One more thing. My sister-friend and I do not agree as to the proper orientation of the leading edge of the TP. But we’ve agreed to respect one another’s choices. We no longer change the direction at one another’s houses.

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